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Dr. M. Lee Stanley, Sr.

is a walking sports encyclopedia, dictionary and thesaurus all rolled into one.

He has covered sports in New York City and around the country, from baseball to tennis to boxing and all in-between for more than 30 years. A man of a million interviews, "Doc" has covered many of the great sports icons and games of our time. A man of print, radio and television, he is known and respected for his work and opinions, and has maintained lasting relationships with players of all sports. His thoughts and writings cover all fields of play and at times goes beyond just sports, and into some of the games people play on one another. A creatively straight-shooter, always with his trust in God first and foremost, he continues to challenge us all to be the very best that we can be. Doc's resume in the arena of sports is extensive but suffice it to say quite simply, that he is one of the very best...Enjoy!

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